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This website,, and all of its contents hereunder, are strictly for the use of AGENTS LICENSED and/or affiliated WITH Innovative Solutions Insurance Services, LLC, (Innovative Solutions).   This site is NOT FOR CONSUMER USE. The materials and information contained in this site are a combination of information made available to Innovative Solutions by insurance companies as well as Innovative Solutions analysis and summaries of products and concepts. The purpose of the information provided on this site is to provide our agents with a quick guide to products and services available with Innovative Solutions.  While Innovative Solutions makes every effort to maintain the accuracy of information on this site, INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS DOES NOT GUARANTEE THE ACCURACY OF SAID INFORMATION AND IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ERRORS AND OR OMISSIONS. Additionally, carrier and product availability may be limited by your state, agency, broker-dealer or affiliated organization. Please consult your relationship manager, home office liaison or agency manager to confirm carrier and product availability. All information should be verified with Innovative Solutions by the agent using this site.

Innovative Solutions Insurance Services does not give legal or tax advice.  For advice concerning your individual circumstances, consult a professional attorney, tax advisor or accountant.