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Innovative Solutions

Life Insurance  |  Long Term Care  |  Annuities  |  Disability Insurance

When you need a brokerage general agency for life, disability, long term care insurance and annuities – we are your only solution. Here’s how our industry-leading team provides the producers we serve with unsurpassed, ongoing support and exceptional customer service to make the sale. 


Vive is the industry’s fastest way to write term life insurance. Period.

The ease of using Vive translates directly into better productivity and profitability for you.

  • It only takes 5 minutes to quote, compare and submit an order.
  • Accelerated Underwriting decisions happen in days instead of weeks.
  • The Vive Score helps you sell more effectively by comparing the overall consumer value of each product. The ability to track the status of all cases at a glance eliminates the hassles of case management.

Let us show you what a difference Vive will make in your term life business. Details here


Underwriting expertise is our trademark. Our in house underwriting capabilities vastly surpass what all other brokerage general agencies can offer with:

  • Tenured Expertise. We’ve invested in an underwriter with tremendous industry credibility and experience in a broad array of underwriting capacities. With a deep market focus, she possesses the aptitude to effectively facilitate communications between agents and carriers – no matter how complex the case.
  • A Producer Advocate. Working in tandem, our new business team and our exclusive in-house underwriter approach every case individually, continuously advocating for our producers by taking the lead to ensure everyone involved is doing everything possible.
  • Results Driven. The combined expertise of our underwriter and new business team allows us to achieve only the most successful outcomes for our producers and the clients they serve.

Policy Service

We’ll never forget about you after the sale.

  • When you work with us, you gain a partner to help you grow and develop every aspect of your business. From application to underwriting, policy issue to service, we stand behind our claim of being The Last Insurance Company You’ll Ever Need.

  • Our in-house team is committed to support all your new initiatives and provide highly personal, expert service for your in-force block of business.

  • Our single-solution, in-house service system is designed specifically to meet the ongoing needs of our brokers, improving performance at every stage of the sales process.

Sales Support

Our business model is designed with the success of our producers in mind. Our sales team supports your business needs by offering:

  • A highly personalized approach that considers the unique needs of every producer, supporting individual sales efforts through research, analysis, and the identification of new market opportunities.
  • Expertise to help you develop and effectively present complex case design requests.
  • Tools, resources, and marketing strategies that strengthen your customer focus to help you grow your business and improve retention efforts.

Operational Support

We align our interests with yours.

  • We support all facets of the operational process from contracting to commissions, eliminating the need to contact a home office.
  • We make it our business to thoroughly understand your business – your strengths, weaknesses, and plans for future growth.
  • With solid facts, sound advice, and mutual trust, we become an extension of your business at every stage.

Advanced Technology

We keep pace with industry trends and evolving technology solutions to help support your business and maximize sales productivity.

  • Streamlined application processing in a simple and efficient manner with multi-carrier platforms that include e-signature capabilities and paperless applications.
  • Provide accelerated underwriting programs that may eliminate the need for lab testing, medical exams, attending physician statements, etc. resulting in a policy issued in days.
  • Full access to online tools and resources supporting every facet of your marketing efforts.

Ready to navigate your way to a better BGA experience?

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